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A special note to families with a medically involved loved one

Posted on August 3, 2018 at 10:25 PM Comments comments (1)

My Eli, my 8 year old son with cerebral palsy and other medical needs, is my inspiration for moving forward to help other families who have children with special needs. I have gained a wealth of knowledge in my 8 years of being blessed with Eli; including advocacy for medical and academic services, ABA therapy, early intervention therapies/services and ADLs such as: toilet training. In addition to having Eli, I also have a 4 year old son, who is autistic. He is the most loving and sweet spirited little boy. It is very challenging for families and caregivers who live daily with a fvery medically involved family member; however, I pray daily for strength and guidance to be the best I can be in my field and to instill the tools and knowledge that I have to other families so that they can provide the best for their loved one. I salute all of the families who are facing challenges and send you big hugs and prayers for strength and guidance. 

When to give yourself some time OFF as a caregiver

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I have often struggled with this time off benefit of being a caregiver and a parent to special needs children. I did not take the time to get a pedicure and a manicure; read a good book in a quiet space (there really isn't quiet space in my house);  just to sit and meditate, or read the Bible and relax without one of my children calling in the distance, "mom". There is always something to do, give medications, go to doctor appointments, attend therapy sessions for my autistic son or see a developmental doctor for my 10 year old son who has ADHD. What goes through my mind is the question, "when do I get a day off?" My husband will ask himself these questions as well...but I am speaking for myself right now. Children crave for their mother for comfort, support and nurture; and we give it. However, we need time off to recuperate and recharge. So, when does that happen? Well, one day, I will figure it all out and be able to have a room of my own. I just need some time off as a caregiver. So, to all the caregivers out there, you are not alone. As caregivers, we put so much effort into providing the care for our loved ones and forget about ourselves. With a business to run and a family to manage, there really isn't much time off for me...or my husband. So, my husband and I have decided to make this a priority as a couple and as individuals and stick to it...no sick days allowed!!!

To hire or not to hire? An agency for homecare services

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I recently read an article differentiating between hiring an agency for homecare services versus hiring a private duty caregiver. It was a lengthy article with examples/scenarios of individuals hiring private duty and the family's responsibilty of hiring private duty. The family could in turn be responsible for payroll taxes, federal tax laws, unemployment taxes and claims, back dated taxes owed if the private duty caregiver is not paying them and then files for unemployment when she is no longer needed on the case.  When an agency is hired to find a caregiver for the family, the agency becomes responsible for the taxes and liabilities. This means that families would have to start paying payroll taxes, worker's compensation and unemployment taxes, seek an attorney and accountant, and conduct thorough, costly background checks. In addition to all of this, the family is still caring for their loved one and supervising the private duty caregiver as well. The benefits of hiring an agency alleviates the stress of being an employer and focuses on the relationship that is building between the loved one and the caregiver. This promotes the most effective and purposeful homecare service that the family needs.

Please read the article and voice your opinions! 

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